My husband and I had the great idea that we were going to try liver. We’ve had heart and tongue, both were delicious. Liver couldn’t be much different right?

Our adventure started while the kids were at school. We drove around to different butcher shops that might offer liver. The first place was closed. On the way to the second, we say a sign that proudly boasted, “buy beef now.”

Inside the small shop, surrounded by glass faced freezer we were greeted by the sales clerk. I’m pretty sure he quickly realized we had never had liver and laughed quietly to himself as he sold us two.

They were frozen so one went in the sink to thaw while the other went back in the freezer for a later date. Side note, it may never see the light of day again….

As dinner approached, my husband filled our cast iron pan with butter then sliced the liver. He is a master in the kitchen and on the grill. Even the cheapest cuts of meat always turn out mouthwatering and almost melt in your mouth. This liver was in good hands. We had some left over chuck roast that he added to the pan then seasoned it all with salt. He mentioned that the smell was a little different but I couldn’t smell it at all. (Thanks covid)

Our plates looked like something you would find in a restaurant. We sliced the kids’ liver into bite size pieces then gathered at the table for dinner. The leftover roast was like all my husband’s meals, flavorful and delicious. Our daughter transitioned into the liver as if nothing had changed. She is usually the pickiest when it comes to food so after seeing her dive it, I figured it most be good.

I was so wrong…

What happened next can only be described as a small child being forced to eat creamed spinach. The instant the fork entered my mouth, it took everything I had not to spit it out. Both our children were watching so I attempted to chew. As soon as they looked away, I quickly scraped this devil sent concoction from my tongue onto the plate. I drank down my water in attempt to drown out the lingering flavor on my tongue.

My husband had gone to the kitchen to grab something. As he entered the room I silently mouthed, “I can’t eat this.” He quietly chuckled then mouthed back, “it can’t be that bad.” I sat smirking as I watched him take a bite. I’ll give it to him that he managed to swallow his bite but he quickly agreed with my review of the dish.

Our son has eaten bugs, jumping shrimp, snails and frog legs. (video of the bugs in Thailand After his first bite, he asked if he had to eat anymore.

I’m pretty sure our daughter would have licked the plate clean if we had let her. I’ve read a few articles about how eating too much liver can cause vitamin A toxicity so I didn’t offer her more. We might have to find a way to incorporate it into her meals in the future.

As for the rest of us, I’m pretty sure if we never have liver again it will be too soon.

One response to “Liver”

  1. My dad loved liver and onions. As his doctor once told him his over consumption is what probably spiked his issues with Gout. Liver is high in uric acid… it’s definitely not for everyone. Organ meats are something I don’t mess with. Lol


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